4 week old labradoodle puppies

4 Week Old Labradoodle Puppies

4 week old Labradoodle puppies are adorable, especially as they start to move around and explore their homes a little more. But, at 4 weeks old, Labradoodle puppies will still be learning a lot from their moms and their littermates. So, they can’t go to their new homes for a little while longer! Whether you’re a breeder looking after your puppies, or you’re just excited to know what your future Doodle puppy is up to, this guide will cover everything you need to know about the daily life of 4 week old Labradoodle puppies!


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Daily Life for 4 Week Old Labradoodle Puppies

At 4 weeks old, Labradoodle puppies will start to look a lot more like little dogs. They will be playing with their littermates, running around to explore their home, and barking a lot more.

In fact, you’ll even see those little tails start to wag!

During this week, and potentially from the week 3 mark, breeders will be introducing more solid foods to their puppies.

4 week old labradoodle puppies

And this means that potty training becomes more prominent in daily life.

At 4 weeks, Labradoodle puppies still have a lot to learn from their mothers and from each other. So, you won’t be allowed to bring them home yet.

But, in their daily lives, they’ll be continuing to learn bite inhibition and breeders will be slowly socializing them to family life, other people, and plenty more.

What Do 4 Week Old Labradoodle Puppies Look Like?

4 week old Labradoodle puppies will start to look more like their adult selves. You’ll see a curl in their puppy coats, and potentially some more striking differences from their littermates.

But, remember that puppy coats at this stage are still very different to adult Labradoodle coats!

Whilst an experienced breeder may be willing to try and predict what sort of coat each puppy will have as an adult, there’s still potential for the final result to surprise you!

Puppies that are 4 weeks old will still have a single layer coat that feels very fine and soft to the touch. This will eventually shed to reveal their adult coat.

Other than their soft fur coats, they will have little wagging tails, floppy ears, and dark, loving eyes.

Can 4 Week Old Labradoodle Puppies Leave Their Mother?

4 weeks of age is far too young for Labradoodle puppies, or puppies of any breed, to leave their mom and siblings. Even though they will be starting to eat solid foods, they will still be getting nutrients from their mother’s milk at this stage.

And, they still have plenty of important behavioral lessons to learn from the mother and littermates.

If they leave their mother at this stage, puppies can develop health issues. But, also, puppies removed from their mom too young go on to display more behavioral problems as adults.

Bite inhibition is one of the most important things that a mother dog will teach her puppies, especially at 4 weeks when their teeth are really growing in.

All puppies bite when teething, and whilst growing into their teenage selves. But, removing them from their mother early can make this experience a lot worse.

So, wait until at least 8 weeks before bringing your Labradoodle puppy home.

What Do 4 Week Old Labradoodle Puppies Eat?

At 4 weeks, many breeders will be introducing their Labradoodle puppies to solid foods. In fact, some might start even earlier than 4 weeks!

But, puppies won’t be eating only solids at this stage. Most likely, they will be consuming a mix between solid foods and milk.

This is a major reason why 4 week old Labradoodle puppies can’t leave their mother and littermates yet. As, they will still be feeding from their moms.

Solid food will mostly come in the form of a puppy-specific, commercial food. But, in rare cases, some breeders may raw feed their puppies and dogs.

Puppy food is higher in calories, to support the quick growth period that young puppies are going through. So, expect breeders to feed this rather than adult dog food.

The Start of Potty Training

Along with solid foods comes the need for potty training. The pup’s mom will be less involved in cleaning up after her puppies at this age. So, keeping things fresh and clean will now fall to your breeder’s hands.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a 4 week old Labradoodle puppy will be able to take itself off to the garden every time they need a wee.

But, instead, many breeders start using puppy pads, or an outdoor play pen, to get their brood used to the idea that their are right places and wrong places to pee.

Most likely, they will line the puppy’s living space with puppy pads or newspaper, and take them outside to go to the toilet regularly.

Veterinary Procedures for 4 Week Old Labradoodles

At 4 weeks of age, there aren’t many medical or veterinary procedures that healthy puppies need.

However, this is the time when most puppies receive another worming treatment.

Veterinarians will only really be involved if there are any serious health issues with any of the puppies.

But, puppy vaccinations won’t happen for another three to four weeks.

Can I Buy a 4 Week Labradoodle Puppy?

Puppies that are 4 weeks old should not leave their mother and littermates. If a breeder tries to send you away with a 4 week puppy, walk away. It is a criminal offence to sell underage puppies in many regions, so you could also report them too the local authorities.

Reputable breeders will often let you put down a deposit early on – perhaps even before the puppies are born. But, they will not let you take home Labradoodle puppies that are younger than 8 weeks old.

Taking a puppy away from its mother and littermates before 4 weeks old can lead to health and behavioral problems.

So, no matter how eager you are to live with your puppy, it’s important to wait for another month before bringing them home.

And, if a breeder tries to give you your puppy at 4 weeks old, this is a huge red flag.

Paying for a puppy at 4 weeks old is fine, and perfectly normal. But they shouldn’t leave their mom until around 8 weeks.

4 Week Old Labradoodle Puppies – A Summary

Knowing how to care for 4 week old Labradoodle puppies will only really matter to the breeder. But, it can be fun to find out what your future puppy is experiencing before they come home.

At four weeks old, your Labradoodle puppy will be looking like a real little dog! They’ll be running, playing, barking. And they’ll even be trying new food!

This is a big stage for your puppy, and a really fun one to observe if you get the chance!

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