what is a parti doodle

What Is a Parti Doodle?

What is a parti Doodle? Although the name is sometimes misspelled as party Doodle, this isn’t a Poodle mix that loves to party! Parti Doodle dogs aren’t a breed of their own. In fact, a parti Doodle is any Doodle mix dog with a parti coat pattern.

The parti coat pattern will be at least 50% white. But, the other half of your dog’s coat can be any other color that’s possible on your mix. This pattern is caused by the white spotting gene. Some of the most popular parti Doodles are parti Labradoodles and parti Goldendoodles. But, the possibilities go on!

What is a Parti Doodle?

Over the past few decades, Poodle mix dogs have become very popular. This trend first began with the Labradoodle mix, but since then, almost every purebred dog you can think of has been combined with a Poodle. All of these mixes can be called Doodles – so it’s worth checking what specific Doodle mix someone is talking about if you’re seeking a certain one!

Parti Doodles aren’t a specific mix. In fact, parti just refers to one of the many fur patterns that Poodle parents can pass on to Doodle offspring. So, any Doodle mix can have a parti coat. It’s not guaranteed that a Doodle puppy will have a parti coat, even if their Poodle parent has one. This is because puppies can inherit any combination of traits from their two parents. So, your Doodle puppy may end up looking more like its other parent, which might not have a parti coat.

Recently, many breeders specialize in Doodle puppies with particular traits, like a parti pattern. But, it may mean finding a parti puppy that has more Poodle in them than the other purebred influence.

What Does a Parti Doodle Look Like?

Body shape, fur type and facial characteristics will vary from one Doodle to the next depending on its non-Poodle parent. Even size can depend on the type of Poodle used. So, for a better idea of these features, take a look at the options possible in the purebred parent breeds. One thing all parti Doodles will share is their fur color/pattern.

Parti fur is at least 50% white, and 50% another color. This other color can vary, and will likely be any shade possible in a purebred parti Poodle. Color placement will vary from one parti dog to the next. Some might have quite an even spread of color, but others could have all of their color in one part of their body. Here are some of the options for that second color:

  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Silver beige
what is a parti doodle

Which Doodles Can Have Parti Coats?

Parti coloring is possible in the purebred Poodle. And, because the Poodle is a part of all Doodle mixes, any Doodle dog can have this coloring. But, here are some popular options that people will search for:

All of these Doodles can have any coat type possible in either parent breed. So, there’s no guarantee they’ll have a parti coat. In fact, for some, other coat patterns and colors are much more common and more popular – like a tri-colored coat in Bernedoodles. But, since all Doodle mixes have a Poodle parent, a parti coat is possible.

Parti Doodle Coat Genetics

So, we know that the parti coloring is possible in Poodles. But what genetics does a Doodle puppy need to inherit to express the same coat type? All dog colors come from two pigments – eumelanin (black) and pheomelanin (red). In simple terms, different genes at various loci act on these base pigments to produce a huge spectrum of shades, colors, and patterns in a dog’s coat.

The locus for parti coloring is the S locus, also known as the Spotting locus. This locus controls white coloring on a dog’s coat. White coloring can cover up any other color – whether it’s from the eumelanin or pheomelanin pigment. The possible genes at this locus are S (little to no white), sp (white spotting), and sw (extreme white).

A Doodle needs the white spotting gene to have a parti coat. This is something breeders may have to achieve over a few generations, especially if the second purebred parent does not have the right recessive genes for a parti coat. Introducing more Poodle DNA can result in puppies with two recessive copies of the white spotting gene.

Are Parti Doodles Hypoallergenic?

A major goal for most Doodle breeders is to produce a mixed breed dog with a low shedding or hypoallergenic coat. Many will create low shedding dogs. Poodles themselves are low shedding. But, no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic, even the purebred Poodle.

Many Poodles don’t trigger allergies as much as high shedding breeds, but that’s because their curly fur traps allergens found in shedding dander and saliva-coated hairs. Whether or not this is the same for your Doodle will depend on the coat type they inherit. If their second parent is heavy shedding, your parti Doodle could be too! Choosing a later generation parti Doodle often increases your chances of getting a low-shedding dog.

Many studies have compared non-hypoallergenic dogs to “hypoallergenic breeds” and have found little difference in their allergens. But, a low shedding breed may spread fewer allergens around your house. If you suffer from allergies, try spending time with your parti-Doodle before bringing them home, to see if they trigger your symptoms. And, implement a strict cleaning regime around the house. It can also help to get someone else to groom your Doodle, so you aren’t up close to those allergens.

Parti Doodle Grooming

Since parti Doodles can actually be quite different from one another, their grooming needs will vary depending on the fur type they have. But, you may need to take some special care to look after their white fur patches and keep them looking their best. Particularly if your parti Doodle has white markings on their face.

Dogs with white faces can get red tear stains underneath their eyes, around their muzzle. So, owners of parti Doodles with white faces should gently wipe their dogs faces with a clean damp cloth during grooming sessions. Not only will this clear away any eye gunk, but it will help to prevent staining.

Where Can I Find Parti Doodle Puppies?

Since any Doodle mix can have parti coloring thanks to the Poodle parent, you should research which mix will be best for you before buying a puppy. Doodle mixes can be very different from one another. Whilst the Maltipoo can make a great smaller Doodle for households wanting an affectionate lap dog, the Labradoodle is larger and much more energetic, needing a social, active family! Not all Doodle mixes will suit all family types.

Many breeders will specialize in different traits. So, once you’ve decided which Doodle mix is right for you, start searching for a breeder that has parti puppies! They may be later generation mixes, or Doodles backcrossed to Poodles to get two copies of the recessive parti genes. But, above all else, make sure you are choosing a reputable breeder who only breeds from the healthiest dogs. Dogs with white fur, particularly on their heads and ears, can be prone to problems like deafness, so health should always be your breeder’s priority.

What is a Parti Doodle? A Summary

A parti Doodle is simply a Doodle mix with parti coloring! Do you have a lovable parti Doodle at home? What mix did you choose to bring home?

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