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Bernese Labradoodle Mix Care and Traits

The Bernese Labradoodle mix combines a Labradoodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog! Our complete guide takes a closer look at what to expect from this large combination.

A Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle mix is quite uncommon. But, this cross is growing in popularity! These puppies can be quite different from one another, but many owners can expect a large, gentle, and family-oriented dog. With the right care and proper training and socialization, this mix can make a great companion for the right family.

What is a Bernese Labradoodle Mix?

Mixed breed dogs can be quite unpredictable, so what can you expect from a Bernese Labradoodle? This mix combines the large, loyal Bernese Mountain Dog with the relatively new, affectionate Labradoodle. But, puppies can look quite different to one another, depending on the traits they inherit. So, owners should keep an open mind! Here are some of the traits you might be able to expect from this cross:

Height:22 – 27 inches
Weight:30 – 100 lbs
Temperament:Affectionate, playful, intelligent
Coat type:Dense, medium length, usually wavy
Coat colors:Wide variety
Activity level:Medium to high
Average lifespan:10 – 12 years
Average puppy cost:$1000 – $2500

As you can already see, there’s quite a lot of variation! But, before we take a closer look, let’s find out the differences between a Bernese Labradoodle and a Bernedoodle.

Bernese Labradoodle Mix vs Bernedoodle

Though the Bernedoodle name fits well for the Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle mix, it is actually something slightly different. A standard Bernedoodle is a Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle cross. So, it will contain no genetic influence from the Labrador breed. A Bernese Labradoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Labradoodle or an Australian Labradoodle.

These dogs might look quite similar, particularly if a later generation Labradoodle is used in the Bernese Labradoodle mix. Multigen Labradoodles are more likely to have similar curly fur to the Poodle, since this is such a desirable trait. However, if a first generation Labradoodle is used, a Bernese Labradoodle mix can look more Lab-like than a Bernedoodle would.

It’s important to understand exactly which type you’re considering, particularly if you come across a breeder selling puppies! This way you can be sure you’re choosing the best suited mix for you.

Bernese Labradoodle Mix Appearance

The exact appearance of a Labradoodle Bernese Mountain Dog mix will depend on the traits a puppy inherits from its parents. So, elements like coat color, coat type, height, adult weight, and even their overall shape can differ. Because of this, owners should be prepared for any outcome.

It’s a great idea to study the Bernese Mountain Dog and Labradoodle breeds individually, so find out some of the traits that puppies could inherit. But, overall the best way to predict how a puppy will look is to see what the parents are like.

Size and Physical Characteristics

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a giant breed that can stand anywhere between 23 and 27.5 inches tall, and will often weigh over 100 lbs as an adult. Labradoodles are much smaller – even those that fall at the large end of the scale! On average, Labradoodles tend to grow between 22 and 24 inches tall, weighing between 30 and 50 lbs.

A Bernese Labradoodle mix will likely fall somewhere in between these extremes. Some could be as small as the smallest Labradoodle, and others are large as a purebred Bernese. However, the majority will fall somewhere in between the two. Like most breeds, females will usually be smaller than males.

On the whole, this mix will have a muscular appearance hidden under a lot of fur. Their ears will fall flat rather than standing erect. And they will have a long tail.

bernese labradoodle

Coat Type and Colors

Labradoodles have three typical coat types. The hair type is the closest to the standard Labrador. Wool coats are more like a purebred Poodle’s, and fleece types fall somewhere in between the two. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a dense, double layered coat. So, a Labradoodle Bernese mix could inherit any of these coat types.

Both Labradoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs have medium fur – particularly when it’s left to grow out. A Bernese Labradoodle mix will be the same. They’ll often have some slight curling in their fur, and will likely have high grooming needs.

Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle Mix Temperament

Looking at the parents is a good way to predict your puppy’s personality as well as their appearance. But there will be some natural variation between puppies, even of the same litter.

Labradoodles tend to be friendly, lively, and playful dogs. They’re very intelligent, but this can mean that they’re easily bored. So, they’ll need plenty of entertainment to prevent unwanted behaviors. They also need early socialization to encourage the friendliest temperament – particularly since they can be wary of strangers if they favor their Poodle parent.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are typically calm, affectionate, and family-oriented. They’ll enjoy playing and exercising as much as they’ll enjoy relaxing beside you. But, they can also be very loyal to their family. Whilst this can be a great trait, it also emphasises the need for early socialization. Socialization can help to prevent aggression and mistrust when your dog is facing new situations and meeting new people.

Bernese Labradoodle dogs can take after either parent. But, on the whole, they’re very social and affectionate, particularly with close family members. Socialize them well from a young age to encourage the best possible personality.

Training and Exercise Needs

Both the Labradoodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog have high energy needs. However, as a large mix, you should be careful about over-exercising them as a puppy. Too much high impact exercise too young can have a negative impact on their joints. As an adult, they’ll need at least an hour’s exercise every day. This will provide some much-needed mental stimulation, as well as physical benefits.

Training is another great way to provide mental stimulation. Training this mix from a young age is vital, as they will be large as an adult, and could accidentally hurt someone if untrained in basic obedience. Positive reward training will work best, as it will build on the strong bond you have with your dog. Plus, Bernese Labradoodles are usually very food motivated!

Like socialization, positive reward training can start from the moment you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks. But, just remember that you will need to carry your puppy when socializing them outside before they’re fully vaccinated.

Bernese Labradoodle Health and Care

Mixed breed dogs live, on average, longer than purebred dogs. But, a specific mix’s lifespan will still depend on factors like their daily care, hereditary health issues, and so on. Bernese Mountain Dogs live between 8 and 10 years on average. Labradoodles live a slightly longer average of 12 years. So, a Bernese Labradoodle will usually live somewhere between 10 and 12 years on average.

A Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle mix will also be prone to the same hereditary health problems as its parent breeds. These can include any of the following:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Gastric dilatation volvulus
  • Addison’s disease
  • Neoplasia
  • Skin problems
  • Ear infections

Grooming Needs and Hypoallergenic Doodles

One of the major appeals of Doodle mixes is a hypoallergenic coat. However, since the allergen that causes allergy symptoms is found in a dog’s dander, saliva, and sweat, rather than their hairs, low-shedding dogs like Labradoodles can still trigger allergies.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a moderate shedder. So, if puppies inherit the same coat type, they might shed more than you’d expect! But regular grooming can help to control the spread of shedding hairs.

The curlier your dog’s fur, the more frequently you will need to groom them. This mix will also need regular trims, which you may want to see a groomer for. When brushing them, check their ears for ingrown or matted fur, which could lead to ear infections. And keep their claws regularly clipped.

Is a Bernese Labradoodle Mix a Good Family Pet?

In the right home, a Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle mix can make a great companion. However, this will be a large mix with high exercise, training, and grooming requirements. Though they’re known for being friendly and affectionate to family members, they can be wary around strangers. Early socialization is a must to reduce the risk of aggression.

Plus, this mix will need a lot of mental stimulation to prevent unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing, barking, and so on. Interactive toys can help with this, but training and regular play times are a must, too.

These dogs are best suited to homes with plenty of space and families with lots of time to dedicate to their care.

Finding Bernese Labradoodle Puppies

The Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle mix is not one of the most popular or common Doodle mixes. So, you might have a little trouble finding a puppy near you. The Bernedoodle is much more common. If you struggle to find a Labradoodle Bernese cross, you might want to consider this slightly more popular mix.

Since Doodle mix dogs are so popular, there’s a higher risk of coming across puppy mills and irresponsible breeders just looking to make a quick profit. Puppies from these sources, and the pet stores that use them, can be less healthy, less well cared for, and experience more behavioral problems when they’re older. So, it’s important to choose a reputable breeder.

Reputable breeders will prioritise health and good care over profits. Signs of a good breeder can include: evidence of health testing, letting you meet the dogs and see where they’re kept, and being willing to take the puppy back if anything goes wrong.

Labradoodle Bernese Mountain Dog Mix – A Summary

This mix might not be very common, but it can make a great companion in an active, social home. Like all mixed breeds, the Bernedoodle Labrador can be quite unpredictable. Look at the parent breeds for the most accurate prediction of how your puppy might turn out!

Have you decided to bring this interesting crossbreed home with you? Or, are you still searching for the right Doodle combination? Let us know your stories in the comments.

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