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bernese labradoodle

Bernese Labradoodle Mix Care and Traits

The Bernese Labradoodle mix combines a Labradoodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog! Our complete guide takes a closer look at what to expect from this large combination. Bernese Labradoodle mix vs Bernedoodle What does a Bernese Labradoodle mix look like? Bernese Mountain Dog Labradoodle temperament Training, exercise needs, and health Finding a Bernese Labradoodle puppy …

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labradoodle ears

Labradoodle Ears

Labradoodle ears are cute and floppy! But, they need a surprising amount of care, including regular grooming and monitoring for ear infections. What do Labradoodle ears look like? Labradoodle ear infections – Prevention, symptoms, and treatment Cleaning Labradoodle ears Grooming Labradoodle ears The Labradoodle is a popular curly-haired dog that makes a great family companion …

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labradoodle beagle mix

Labradoodle Beagle Mix Breed Traits and Care

Labradoodle Beagle mix dogs are a hybrid designer cross between a Labradoodle and a purebred Beagle. These medium sized dogs have short coats and loving, affectionate personalities. They are athletic, energetic and hard working dogs. Labradoodle Beagle mixes do well as family pets in homes that have time to give them lots of attention and …

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labradoodle paws

Labradoodle Paws

Our complete guide to Labradoodle paws takes a closer look at care, grooming, and why your Labradoodle is licking their paws. Grooming Labradoodle paws Why is my Labradoodle licking their paws? Labradoodle puppy paws Caring for Labradoodle paws Labradoodle paws are perfect for helping your Labradoodle race through fields and clamber over obstacles! But, their …

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are labradoodles crazy dogs

Are Labradoodles Crazy Dogs?

Are Labradoodles crazy dogs? We take a closer look at the truth behind Labradoodle temperament, and the controversy surrounding this mixed breed. Are Labradoodles crazy? The different opinions The Labradoodle temperament Fulfilling Labradoodle needs The right home for a Labradoodle Labradoodles are very popular dogs. They combine the traits of the Labrador Retriever and Poodle …

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