flat coated labradoodle

Flat Coated Labradoodle

A flat coated Labradoodle will have hair similar to the purebred Labrador. But, this coat type is more commonly called ‘hair type’, to contrast curlier varieties.

A flat coated Labradoodle is more often called a hair type Labradoodle. Any generation of Labradoodle can have this coat type, but it’s most common in first generation mixes. These dogs will have straight hair, similar to the Labrador parent. Their coat is most often double-layered. Some hair type Doodle fur may have a very slight wave, but not as much as the fleece coat variety.

About the Flat Coated Labradoodle

Despite what the term “flat coat Labradoodle” might make you think, this mix does not involve the Flat Coated Retriever. Instead, flat coated Labradoodle is just another term that some people use to describe the Labradoodle mix with straight fur (Labrador Retriever crossed with a Poodle). More commonly, this fur type is referred to as a hair coat.

A flat coated Labradoodle can come in any of the traditional Labradoodle colors. Size and general traits can vary depending on the genes that an individual puppy inherits. So, even two hair coat Doodles can look quite different from one another.

What Do Flat Coated Labradoodles Look Like?

The Labradoodle’s curly fur is one of its most popular traits. Many breeders will prioritise a fleece or wool coat to achieve these curls. This means that hair coats are most common in first generation Labradoodles – Labradoodles with two purebred parents. However, first generation mixes are often quite unpredictable, because their parents usually offer the biggest variety of genes.

Labradoodles with hair type or flat coats, will generally look more like a Labrador than a Poodle. Their fur can be single or double layered, but a double layer is common. Their outer layer of fur will be straight, or may have a very slight wave. It will usually grow longer than traditional Labrador fur, thanks to the Poodle’s influence, so will need regular grooming and trimming to avoid matting and tangles.

Your Labradoodle’s color and other traits, like body shape, will depend entirely on the genes that your puppy inherits from their parents. The best way to predict what a specific Labradoodle could look like is to take a closer look at their parents.

Can Labradoodles Have Straight Fur?

There are three commonly accepted types of Labradoodle fur. These are:

  • Hair type
  • Fleece type
  • Wool type

The wool variety is the curliest of the three. This hair type is single layered, coarse, and will be very tightly curled, like a purebred Poodle. The fleece type is wavy, or has loose curls. It will be very soft to the touch and is usually single layered. The hair type is the straightest of the three. So, if your Labradoodle has a flat, straight coat, they are a hair type Labradoodle.

Your Labradoodle’s fur type is determined by the genes they inherit from their parents. First generation Labradoodles are usually the most likely to have straight, flat fur. In later generations, many breeders will seek to achieve curly or wavy fur. Some will even backcross their Labradoodles with purebred Poodles. Fleece coats are the most popular variety. So, if you’re looking for a flat coated Labradoodle, you may want to search for an f1 puppy.

Do Flat Coat Labradoodles Shed?

One of the major selling points of Labradoodles is a low shedding, hypoallergenic coat. However, if your Labradoodle takes after the Labrador, they will usually be moderate shedders. Curly fur, like the Poodle, will catch any shedding hairs. But, if your Labradoodle has straight, flat hair, shedding fur will fall straight out.

As well as fur, your dog’s dander will also fall straight out, rather than getting caught in curly hairs. The allergens that can cause allergy symptoms can be found in your dog’s dander and saliva. Studies have suggested that there’s little to no difference in the level of these allergens in homes with “hypoallergenic” dog breeds, compared to shedding breeds.

So, a flat coated Labradoodle might shed more, but there’s no guarantee they’ll trigger your allergies more than a curly haired Labradoodle. And, you can help to control your dog’s shedding with regular grooming.

flat coated Labradoodle

Grooming a Flat Coated Labradoodle

A hair coat’s Labradoodle will have straight hair, which is less prone to tangles and knots than curly coats. But, regular grooming is still important to prevent any tangles, and can be a great way to control shedding.

Some owners like taking their Labradoodle to a professional groomer. Unlike Labradors, Labradoodles with straight hair can have very long coats, like Poodles. So, as well as brushing, they will need regular haircuts.

During grooming sessions, you should also check your Labradoodle’s ears for any problems or wavy buildups. Keep their nails well trimmed, to avoid painful snaps and breakages. And keep your Labradoodle’s teeth clean with regular brushing, or a daily dental chew. It’s a great idea to start grooming from puppyhood, so they can get used to the process.

Finding a Hair Coat Labradoodle Puppy

All Labradoodle puppies will have a similar coat type when they are born. Their puppy coat will be a single layer of fur, that usually is either straight or very slightly wavy. It will be very soft to the touch. So, it can be hard to distinguish the three adult coat types when you’re searching for a puppy!

As we already know, a mixed breed puppy’s traits are unpredictable. But, straight hair coats are most common in f1 mixes, since later generations tend to be bred for wavy, low shedding coats. So, to find a flat coated Labradoodle, you might start your search looking at f1 mixes. Alternatively, speak to breeders about the type of Labradoodle you’re seeking. Some will specialize in certain coat types.

Is a Flat Coated Labradoodle Right for Me?

The straight haired Labradoodle’s fur is easier to maintain than a fleece or wool coat variety. But, they may shed more around your home. And, it’s not just a Labradoodle’s coat type you must consider when committing to one of these puppies.

Standard Labradoodles are medium to large dogs that require plenty of daily exercise, training, and mental stimulation. They are very people-oriented, so are happiest in homes where they are rarely left on their own. If they are left alone for too long, they can become stressed and unhappy.

On top of this, Labradoodles that don’t receive enough exercise and mental stimulation every single day will try to find other outlets for their energy. This can result in unwanted behaviors like chewing, digging, barking, and so on. So, owners must be prepared to dedicate at least an hour to exercise every day, as well as time for training, grooming, and playing with your Labradoodle.

Flat Coated Labradoodle – A Summary

If you’re looking for a Labradoodle with a flat, straight coat, make sure to search for ‘hair type’ Labradoodles. A Labradoodle with this fur type can make a wonderful companion in the right home. They require slightly less grooming than curly coated Labradoodles, but may shed more around your home.

Do you have a straight haired Labradoodle at home? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

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