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Wirehaired Labradoodle Puppy

A wirehaired Labradoodle puppy won’t come from a Poodle and Labrador mix alone. To get proper wire-haired fur, it’s likely this mix has another breed’s influence, like the German Wirehaired Pointer, or the Wire Fox Terrier. It is possible for Labradoodles to have coarse fur, and some will even have straight fur, like their Lab parent. But, neither the Poodle or Labrador breeds have proper wirehaired coats.

Wirehaired Labradoodles will need slightly different coat care to a wool, fleece, or even Lab haired type. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can find a wirehaired Labradoodle puppy, and the most similar type of coat you’ll find on an original, standard Labradoodle mix.

What is a Wirehaired Labradoodle?

The standard American Labradoodle mix combines the purebred Poodle with the purebred Labrador Retriever. And, the Australian Labradoodle also includes influence from English and American Cocker Spaniels, Irish Water Retrievers and Curly Coated Retrievers. Labradoodles are not yet an officially recognized breed by many breed clubs, but they have a large, growing fanbase nonetheless.

According to the UK and American Australian Labradoodle Associations, fleece coats and wool coats are preferable. But, straight coats and overly harsh fur are undesirable. So, many Labradoodle breeders will aim to stay away from this coat type, breeding for curly, wavy, soft fur instead. Because of this, a wirehaired Labradoodle is very uncommon. Unless a breeder is specifically breeding for this trait by introducing another coat type from a different purebred dog.

Can Labradoodles Have Straight Hair?

Although fleece and wool coat types are preferred by most breeders, it is possible for Labradoodles to have straight fur. Particularly first generation mixes, which are mixed breed dogs with two purebred parents.

It’s possible for a Labradoodle to inherit the Labrador Retriever’s straight, dense coat. This will usually have two layers, but both contain straight fur. Since most breeders will try to create puppies with fleece or wool fur, you may need to find a breeder that specializes in hair coat Labradoodles. Or at least one that has a litter of first generation puppies.

wirehaired labradoodle puppy

Do Labradoodle Puppies Have Wiry Fur?

So, we now know adult Labradoodles can have three coat types: hair, fleece, or wool. Each one is increasingly curly. The hair fur type will be coarse and thick compared to the fleece or wool types, which feel more like angora and lamb’s wool. Of the three fur types, fleece coats will be the softest. But the hair type will be the straightest. Both hair and wool types can feel quite coarse. However, none of the three fur types are wire-haired.

All Labradoodle puppies will have similar coats, regardless of their adult fur. They will have a single layer of soft puppy fur. Over the first few months of their life, this will shed away to reveal their adult coat. So, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever find a Labradoodle puppy with wiry fur. This potential coarseness will come with the arrival of their adult coat.

If you want a Labradoodle with a true wirehaired coat, rather than just a particularly coarse hair or wool coat, you’ll need to find a mix with another breed’s influence. This could include a Schnauzer, a German Wirehaired Pointer, a Wire Fox Terrier, and so on.

Are Wire Haired Labradoodles Hypoallergenic?

Labradoodles are often sold or marketed as a hypoallergenic dog. And, whilst it’s true that they can be low shedding, they aren’t necessarily hypoallergenic. No dog breed is hypoallergenic! All dogs can trigger allergies, as the proteins that cause allergy symptoms are found in saliva and dander, rather than your dog’s fur. Curly fur is more likely to catch shedding dander and saliva-coated hairs, so it can be better for people with allergies.

But, Labradoodles with straight, coarse hair, or even wire hair, may trigger your allergies more, as their hair won’t catch any shedding dander. Since puppies can inherit any traits from their parents, a Labradoodle with a wirehaired parent may shed like that parent. So, owners will be best prepared for shedding if they research the parent breeds used to produce their wirehaired Labradoodle.

Wirehaired Labradoodle Puppy Grooming

If you’ve managed to find a Labradoodle mix with true wire-textured hair, you should bear in mind that their grooming needs will be slightly different to a regular Labradoodle. Wirehaired coats can benefit from regular brushing. But, owners may also choose to hand strip their dog’s coat. Of course, this is a process for dogs with a true wirehaired coat, so if your Labradoodle just has quite coarse straight fur, this method won’t necessarily be best for them.

For more help learning which grooming techniques are right for your specific dog’s coat, you may want to book a session with a professional groomer. They will be able to teach you techniques and daily maintenance for the time in between sessions with them.

Where to Find a Wirehaired Labradoodle Puppy

Knowing where to search for a wirehaired Labradoodle puppy will depend what you mean when you say you want a wire haired puppy. Do you really want a Labradoodle with a wiry coat? Or do you just want one with a straight, coarse, Lab-like coat?

If you want a Labradoodle with a Lab-like coat, you should look for first generation mixes. These puppies are more likely to have a large Labrador influence than later generations, or puppies that have been backcrossed to a Poodle. But, if you want a Doodle with a true wire coat, you should look for puppies that have been bred from a wirehaired breed. This will mean your Doodle mix isn’t a true Labradoodle. They will have influence from another purebred dog.

Above all, no matter which coat type your dog has, you should only choose reputable breeders. The best breeders will only breed from healthy, friendly dogs. They will be able to show evidence of health testing, and will treat their dogs and puppies with care. Avoid puppy mills, pet stores, and backyard breeders wherever possible.

Have You Seen a Wirehaired Labradoodle Puppy?

Does your Labradoodle have coarse or wiry fur? Or maybe you have a Labradoodle puppy with a wirehaired parent! We would love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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