do mini labradoodles shed

Do Mini Labradoodles Shed?

Do mini Labradoodles shed? Low-shedding mini Labradoodles are popular, but there’s still a chance that some mini Doodles will be moderate shedders. Particularly first generation mixes between a Lab and a Miniature Poodle. Owners should bear in mind that low shedding dogs often have higher grooming needs. And, a low-shedding mini Doodle won’t be hypoallergenic. They might spread fewer allergens around your house, but can still trigger allergy symptoms, especially when you’re up close and grooming them.

Let’s take a look at the mini Labradoodle coat, to help you decide if this breed will suit your home.

What is a Miniature Labradoodle?

The Labradoodle breed has taken the world by storm over the past decade. But, the popular standard Labradoodle is quite a large dog, bred by mixing the Labrador Retriever with a Standard Poodle. As the mix developed, some breeders sought to create a smaller version. So, they mixed the Labrador with a Miniature Poodle, or bred the smallest standard Labradoodles they could find.

Mini Labradoodles are very popular, especially with families that don’t have the space for a standard Doodle. Like the larger version, a mini Doodle will usually be friendly, intelligent, and energetic. They need homes where people can spend lots of time playing, training, and socializing with them. If the personality and exercise needs of the mini Labradoodle sound right for you, you’ll also want to learn about their coat.

Mini Labradoodle Coat Types

Like standard Labradoodles, mini varieties will tend to have one of three coat types. This coat type will impact your Labradoodle puppy’s grooming needs and shedding level. Here are the three general coat types a mini Labradoodle may have:

  • Hair type – Most like the Labrador, straight, dense, coarse fur
  • Fleece type – Soft fur, often single layered, loose waves
  • Wool type – Most like the Poodle, very curly or corded, coarse to the touch

The most popular coat type is fleece. Hair types are most common in f1 mini Labradoodles – those with two purebred parents. And wool types are more common in mini Doodles backcrossed to another purebred Poodle. The coat type won’t impact your miniature Labradoodle’s temperament or health, but it will dictate your grooming schedule, and how much fur you’re likely to find around your home.

do mini labradoodles shed

Do Mini Labradoodles Shed?

Part of the reason that Labradoodles have soared to global popularity is that they are rumoured to have no-shedding coats. But, this isn’t always true. Yes, some Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles will be low shedding. Particularly those with Poodle-like coats, which is more common in f1b, f2, and other later generation mixes.

Some mini Labradoodles will be moderate shedders. If they take after the Labrador parent, they might even be high shedders at certain times of the year. It’s also a common misconception that Poodle coats don’t shed at all. They actually do! But, any shed furs will usually get trapped in that curly fur.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a low or no shedding miniature Labradoodle. But, you can increase your chances of getting a low shedding dog by avoiding f1 mini Labradoodles, who may have more Lab-like fur.

Are Mini Labradoodles Hypoallergenic?

Despite what a lot of people believe, Labradoodles aren’t hypoallergenic. Mini Labradoodles aren’t either. In fact, no dog breed is! A hypoallergenic dog wouldn’t have the allergens that trigger allergy symptoms in humans. But, all dog breeds have these in various levels. These allergens can be found in dander (skin flakes), saliva, urine, and so on. So, when your dog sheds dander, or saliva covered hairs around your home, it can increase your contact with allergens.

As we know, some mini Labradoodles will shed like the Lab parent. But, others are low-shedding. Those with curly Poodle coats are the least likely to trigger allergy symptoms, because the curls in their fur will catch saliva-covered hairs and shedding dander. So, it’s less likely to spread around your house. However you can still come into contact with those allergens when you pet or groom your dog, pick up their toys, or touch any soft materials that they may have chewed or slobbered on.

Reducing the Risk of Allergies

Some people with allergies cope well with the Labradoodle. It’s important to note that everyone and every dog is different. So, you might even find that one Labradoodle sets you off sneezing whilst another doesn’t trigger you at all. Spending some time with a Labradoodle before committing to it is a good way to test this out.

But, there are other ways you can minimise your allergy symptoms. Studies have shown that a rigorous cleaning regime is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Wash any soft bedding or soft toys that your dog sleeps with or chews regularly. Hoover your house regularly, too. On top of this, get someone else to do your dog’s grooming, so you don’t have to get so close to those pesky allergens.

You can also reduce the risk of triggering your allergy symptoms by choosing a later generation mini Doodle. Or, choosing one that has been backcrossed to a Poodle. These types of miniature Labradoodle are more likely to have the Poodle’s curly, low shedding coat.

Mini Labradoodle Grooming

Now we’ve answered the question “do mini Labradoodles shed?” amongst others, let’s take a closer look at grooming this small Doodle mix. The grooming needs of a mini Labradoodle will actually depend on the coat type they inherit. Mini Doodles with hair coats don’t need to be groomed as often, because their fur is less likely to form knots. However, grooming can help to maintain their shedding.

Fleece and wool coat types are more likely to develop knots, as shedding fur will get caught in their curls. If left alone, these knots can become painful. So, fleece or wool coat mini Labradoodles will need to be brushed multiple times per week. Many people like to take their mini Doodle to a professional groomer. But, you will still need to brush them between sessions.

How to Find a Low Shedding Mini Labradoodle

If you’re keen to find a low shedding mini Labradoodle, you will usually do best searching for one with a wool coat. Some breeders will specialize in this coat type. Generally, the later a Labradoodle’s generation, the more Poodle-like their coat is, as most breeders will encourage this trait. However, another method some breeders use is to backcross their Labradoodles with a purebred Poodle. So, you may want to look for f2, f3, f1b, or f2b mini Labradoodles.

Another thing to bear in mind is that some low shedding dogs may still trigger allergy symptoms in those affected. So, another great way to find your perfect Labradoodle is to spend some time with them before committing. Mini Labradoodles are very popular, so you’ll also find plenty of older dogs available for rescue. Puppies aren’t your only option! But, if you go down the puppy route, make sure you’re choosing a reputable breeder.

Do Mini Labradoodles Shed? A Summary

Some miniature Labradoodles will shed moderately, especially if they have straight fur like their Labrador parent. This doesn’t mean they’ll make worse pets, but can be problematic for people with allergies. A curly haired mini Doodle is usually the best option for owners with allergies, but you might want to make sure someone else in your home will commit to the grooming!

Do you have a mini Labradoodle at home? What’s their shedding level like?

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