f2b labradoodle

F2b Labradoodle

An f2b Labradoodle is a second generation Labradoodle that has been backcrossed to a Poodle. Breeders of this type of Labradoodle often hope to achieve a more Poodle-like coat than some f1 or f2 Labradoodles might have. This way, potential owners that suffer from dog allergies will be better off.

Generally, an f2b Labradoodle will have wavy or curly fur. They will need regular grooming, and will often be low to moderate shedders. The curlier their coat, the more fur and dander will get trapped rather than shedding around your home. Are you ready to find out if the f2b Labradoodle will suit your household?

What is an f2b Labradoodle?

There are a few common ways that breeders will get f2b Labradoodle puppies. Either they will breed an f1 Labradoodle with an f1b Labradoodle, they will breed an f2 Labradoodle with a purebred Poodle, or they may even mix two f1b Labradoodles together. This is all great if you are familiar with the terms being used. But, if you’re new to the mixed breed trend, what does it all mean?

The letter “f” in f2b Labradoodle stands for “filial”. This simply refers to the offspring of mixed breed dogs, so f1 means first generation, f2 means second generation, and so on. The “b” in our term stands for “backcross”. In Labradoodles, this most often means that a Labradoodle has been bred back with a purebred Poodle, in the hopes of increasing the likelihood of certain Poodle traits. F2b Labradoodles will have a higher percentage of Poodle DNA, which will increase their chances of inheriting things like the Poodle coat. But, it’s important to know exactly what you should expect before bringing one of these dogs home.

f2b Labradoodle Appearance

So, now we know exactly what an f2b Labradoodle is, what does this Doodle look like? Well, since an f2b Labradoodle has more Poodle DNA than Labrador DNA, there’s a higher chance that they will have wavy or curly fur. The amount of curl they have can still vary. Some may just have a slight wave, whilst others might have a very tight curl, or even corded fur. Color will also vary depending on the influence of their specific parents.

The size of an f2b Labradoodle will also depend on that of their parents. Generally, they will fall somewhere between the two. So, if your f2b Doodle is from two parents that are very similar in size, chances are that your puppy will grow to the same sort of height and build. Make sure you know which type of Poodle is being backcrossed to – ie. Miniature, Toy, or Standard, as this can impact the size of your Doodle puppy.

f2b labradoodle

f2b Labradoodle Temperament

Although temperament, like appearance, will vary depending on whatever traits your mixed breed dog inherits, the Labradoodle comes from two quite similar breeds. Both the Labrador Retriever and Poodle breeds are originally working dogs that specialized in water-based retrieving alongside their humans. There is some modern variation, such as in working and show bred strains of each breed. But, generally, you can expect their offspring to be intelligent, social, and very energetic.

Breeders can also choose to breed certain traits into personality. For instance, some breeders may try to breed the most social dogs together, or those that were fastest to learn obedience, in order to produce puppies with the same traits. But, this is something to discuss with your breeder, if you need a Labradoodle for a certain working purpose.

Generally, f2b Labradoodles will be friendly, clever, and playful dogs. Particularly if you have socialized them properly from a young age. They can get along well in homes with other pets and even with young children, but remember that they can be quite energetic and can grow quite large. So, it’s easy for an adult or teenage Labradoodle to accidentally knock over or hurt a young child during play sessions.

Are f2b Labradoodles Hypoallergenic?

Even though f2b Labradoodles are often low shedding, they aren’t necessarily hypoallergenic. The term hypoallergenic can be quite misleading. All dogs have the allergens that can trigger an allergic reaction, but rather than in their fur, the allergens are found in their dander, saliva, and even urine. So why does a dog like the Poodle tend to trigger allergies less than a Lab?

Poodle fur is low shedding. And, the very tight curls or cords of their fur will catch any saliva-coated hair ir dander that does shed. This will trap the allergens in their coat, which can form painful knots and increase grooming needs, but will lower the amount of allergens around your home.

F2b Labradoodles are more likely to inherit Poodle traits, like tightly curled fur and low shedding coats. So, an f2b Labradoodle might not trigger your allergies so much, and may be better than a Labradoodle with more Labrador DNA. However, because curly fur will trap dander and fur that sheds, you will still need to come into contact with it when grooming, and Poodle fur needs much more grooming than straight fur.

If You Suffer From Dog Allergies

If you do have dog allergies, it’s a good idea to spend time with a dog before bringing them home, or even to invest in an older Labradoodle so you know exactly what fur type they have. Not all dogs will trigger allergies, even dogs of the same breed. So, it’s a great idea to spend time with one before bringing them home.

Another tip is to let someone else in the house, someone without allergies, do the grooming. And, make sure you’re washing your dog’s bedding and soft toys regularly to remove any traces of their saliva and the allergens it contains.

f2b Labradoodle vs f2 Labradoodle

The major difference between an f2b Labradoodle and an f2 Labradoodle is in their parentage. An f2b Doodle has been backcrossed to a Poodle, but an f2 Doodle has not. So, a f2b Doodle will have a higher percentage of Poodle DNA and Poodle influence. This means they often express more Poodle traits in their appearance and temperament.

If you’re looking for a low shedding dog, or one that has fur more like the Poodle, an f2b Labradoodle may be better for you than an f2.

f2b Labradoodle vs f1 Labradoodle

An f2b Labradoodle is bred in the ways we identified at the start of this guide. In contract, an f1 Doodle has two purebred parents. It is a first generation mix. So, it will have equal amounts of Labrador and Poodle influence. This means that f1 Labradoodles can look very different from one another – even those from the same litter. And, they are much more likely to have the high shedding double coat of the Labrador.

So, if you want a Doodle puppy that will have a low shedding coat, it’s a better idea to choose an f2b. If you don’t mind what traits your Doodle inherits and have no issues with dog allergies, an f1 can be a great choice.

Is an f2b Labradoodle Right for Me?

An f2b Labradoodle will usually have a low shedding coat, with curly or wavy fur. Their exact appearance will vary a little, depending on the traits that they inherit from their parents. But, generally, these dogs have more Poodle-like traits than earlier generations, or Doodles that haven’t been backcrossed to a Poodle.

It’s also important to remember that Labradoodles are energetic dogs with plenty of intelligence. So, owners of any Doodle must be prepared to offer them plenty of opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation every single day. They can also grow to be quite large dogs, so basic obedience training is a must. As well as proper socialization from a young age.

Finding f2b Labradoodle Puppies

Most breeders will list the Labradoodle generations they offer on their websites. Or, they will be able to tell you in person more about their Doodle puppies. However, it’s still important to ensure you’re choosing a reputable breeder. Ask plenty of questions, take a look at where the mother dog and puppies are being kept, and make sure to see evidence of health testing.

Since Labradoodles and mixed breeds in general are very trendy at the moment, puppy mills, pet stores and backyard breeders are common. If you think that you’re viewing puppies at one of these places, it’s best to leave and find a reputable breeder. Puppies from puppy farms and backyard breeders may be more likely to experience health and behavioral issues as a result of poor breeding and care. A reputable breeder may charge slightly more, but the cost will be worth it in the long run.

Do You Have an f2b Labradoodle Puppy?

If you have a second generation backcross Doodle at home, we would love to hear your experiences! What traits has your puppy inherited? Do they tend to trigger allergies in any of your family that have them? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yes, we have a sterling silver f2b. Her mom was a silver standard poodle, her dad was 1/2 yellow lab and half standard poodle.
    Our puppy Piper was jet black with a small white mark on her forehead. Piper just turned 1 year and her color now is country sterling silver with white legs. Her hair continued changing during the first year, it now is pretty much tighter curls, we have her cut and groomed about every six weeks. We brush her a couple times a week with minimal hair loss.
    Piper is super smart, she loves people, children and loves to play with other dogs.
    Hope this helps. Thx, Mick Madden

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