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Labradoodle Beagle Mix Breed Traits and Care

Labradoodle Beagle mix dogs are a hybrid designer cross between a Labradoodle and a purebred Beagle. These medium sized dogs have short coats and loving, affectionate personalities. They are athletic, energetic and hard working dogs. Labradoodle Beagle mixes do well as family pets in homes that have time to give them lots of attention and positive reinforcement training. They also make good hunting companions and service dogs too. Despite their short coats they need plenty of grooming and are not hypoallergenic. However, they tend to do well with kids and be friendly, cheerful pups. Today we’ll share how to adopt, buy and raise a cute Labradoodle Beagle mix into a healthy, happy adult dog. We’ll look at their breed traits, personality and characteristics and help you to decide whether this cross is the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

The Labradoodle and Beagle mix will usually be a medium sized adult dog. But, it’s very hard to predict exactly which traits a puppy will inherit from each parents – particularly since Labradoodles are so varied anyway. The best way of predicting is by looking at the parents. But, our complete guide will take a closer look at all of the possibilities so you’re fully prepared for your new mixed breed puppies.

What is a Labradoodle Beagle Mix?

Mixed breed dogs have been extremely popular over the past decade as pets and companions. The trend started with the creation of the Labradoodle. But, nowadays it’s possible to see almost any combination you can imagine. And, many people are now breeding multigen Labradoodles with other purebred dogs. One such mix is the Labradoodle Beagle mix.

A Labradoodle and Beagle mix is still not a very popular combination. In fact, this mix often comes about by accident! But, when purposefully bred, many breeders will choose multigen Labradoodles, since their traits are more predictable. Some may use f1 or f2 Labradoodles, but this can make the puppies less predictable.

There’s no official name for this combination yet. So, breeders will usually simply refer to this combination as a Labradoodle Beagle mix.

Labradoodle Beagle Mix Appearance

Appearance is very unpredictable in a Beagle Labradoodle mix. Simply because puppies can inherit any traits from either parent – and Beagles and Labradoodles are quite different to one another. So, even puppies from the same litter can look like completely different breeds despite sharing the same parents.

We’ll break down appearance into different categories to take a look. But, the easiest way to predict how these puppies will turn out is by looking at the parents, and what traits they could potentially pass on.

Size and Body Shape

Labradoodles can really vary in size, particularly depending on the size of their Poodle parent. At their largest, a Labradoodle could be as much as 24 inches tall, weighing up to 80 lbs. But, at the lower end of the scale, they could be as little as 12 inches tall, weighing only 15 lbs! Most Labradoodles will be somewhere between these extremes, but there’s a lot of potential for variation.

Beagles are much more predictable, since they’re a purebred dog that has been standardized over generations. But, this breed still comes in two size varieties. The smaller of the two will stand no more than 13 inches tall, weighing under 20 lbs. The larger variety will be between 13 and 15 inches tall, weighing 20 to 30 lbs.

The size of a Labradoodle Beagle mix will vary depending on the size of the parents. But, as a general rule, these are medium sized dogs. Sometimes breeders will mix a Miniature Labradoodle with a Beagle (particularly the smaller variety) to create smaller puppies. But, puppies will always grow up to be active, muscular dogs with floppy ears and a long tail.

labradoodle beagle mix

Labradoodle Beagle Mix Coats

Labradoodles can have one of three coat types. The hair type is the most like the purebred Labrador, with two layers and straight fur. This type sheds moderately. Fleece coat Labradoodles have waves or a slight curl, and may shed slightly. Wool type Doodles have tight curls and generally do not shed noticeably.

Beagles, on the other hand, have a smooth, short coat, no matter what size variety they fall into. This breed sheds moderately, but requires very infrequent grooming.

A Labradoodle Beagle mix could express any of these coat types. And, their coat could grow much longer than a traditional Beagle’s. Generally, this mix will need at least weekly grooming. If they have curly or wavy fur, they’ll need much more frequent grooming than a straight haired version.

Beagle and Labradoodle Colors and Patterns

Like all other aspects of appearance, the colors your mixed puppy inherits will vary. Labradoodles can display any of the purebred Labrador or purebred Poodle’s coat colors, which results in a huge spectrum of options. Beagles have an equally large selection, including solid and bi-color coats.

So, your mixed breed puppy could really have almost any coat color you can imagine. Bi and tri colors are possible, but so are solid, dominant shades like black. To get a better idea of the potential shades a puppy could inherit, take a look at the specific dogs being bred. They may even have markings like ticked fur!

Beagle Labradoodle Mix Temperament

Like appearance, the temperament of this mix can be a little unpredictable. But, there are a few traits that Labradoodles and Beagles share which are more likely in puppies. In particular, this mix will be intelligent and high energy. They will be loyal and affectionate to their families, and will often get along with other dogs. Especially if they’ve been properly socialized.

However, this mix may not do so well in homes with other small pets, like cats or rabbits. This is because the Beagle has quite a high prey drive. Natural instincts like this can be reduced with training and socialization, but will never fully go away and can show up at unpredictable times.

Generally, this mix will be a loveable companion. Both parent breeds are popular candidates for family dogs, so resulting puppies will likely be the same.

Training a Labradoodle Beagle Mix

A Labradoodle Beagle mix is an affectionate, loyal dog that forms strong bonds with its family. It is also often very food motivated. So, the best methods for training are positive reward methods. These involve shaping your dog’s behavior using rewards like treats, play, affection, and so on.

Training is best done in short, consistent sessions to keep your dog’s attention. If using training rewards, you should subtract their calories from your dog’s daily amount to avoid weight gain and obesity. Additionally, if your dog appears uninterested in a training session, put the treats away and try again later when your dog is more hungry.

When compared to punishment based methods or other aversive training techniques, positive reward methods are associated with lower stress, higher obedience, and a stronger dog-owner relationship.

Exercising a Beagle and Labradoodle Mix

This mix of dogs will be very energetic, no matter what other traits they inherit. Both parent breeds need at least an hour’s exercise each day, so puppies will grow up to be the same. Training is a great way to provide some exercise and mental stimulation, but you will need to dedicate time to other forms of exercise each day.

A Labradoodle Beagle mix will often enjoy retrieving, swimming, hiking, running, and dog sports like rally. You can get really creative finding different ways to exercise this mix until you discover the best options for your lifestyle!

However, this mix can be prone to joint issues, particularly from the Labradoodle side. So, you should avoid over-exercising your Labradoodle Beagle mix as a puppy. Some studies also recommend restricting access to stairs until puppies are 3 months old, particularly if your puppy falls towards the large end of their potential size.

Labradoodle Beagle Mix Health and Care

Studies show that mixed breed dogs live, on average, longer than purebred dogs. But, this doesn’t mean that a Labradoodle Beagle mix will be completely healthy. This mix can be prone to any of the health issues commonly seen in its parent breeds. Learning about the potential issues this mix can help owners recognise early signs and extend their dog’s lifespan. So, here are some problems that could occur:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Musladin-Lueke Syndrome (MLS)
  • Heart problems
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Patellar luxation
  • Lafora disease
  • Factor VII deficiency
  • Neonatal cerebellar cortical degeneration

Health testing is a great way to minimise the risk of many of the above problems. Breeders can test their dogs and avoid breeding any that are more likely to pass on problems. On top of this, providing your dog with a high level of general care will go a long way to improving their lifespan and welfare.

Beagle Labradoodle Mix Grooming

A Labradoodle Beagle mix’s grooming needs will vary depending on the coat type they inherit. Dogs that inherit the Beagle’s coat type will need considerably less grooming than ones with a Labradoodle-like coat. Because the coat type your mix inherits can be so unpredictable, it can help to take your dog to a groomer to learn the best brushing techniques for their fur type, as well as how often you should groom them.

Like all dogs, the Labradoodle Beagle mix needs a balanced, nutritious diet. And as we’ve already mentioned, this mix will need daily exercise. Training and proper socialization should also begin from a young age.

Are Labradoodle Beagle Mixes Good Family Dogs?

In the right home, a Labradoodle Beagle mix can be a great companion. But they won’t be right for everyone. This mix is rather unpredictable. The Beagle and Labradoodle are both very different dogs. So, their puppies can inherit a real blend of traits. So, there’s no guarantee your mix will get the cute curly coat and loving personality. They could have a short, straight, shedding coat and a high prey drive. Potential owners must be prepared for any potential outcome.

Traits that are almost certainly guaranteed are a high activity level, despite this mix’s potentially small size. So, you must be prepared to exercise them every day. Regular training is also a must and early socialization is important to reduce the risk of any aggression. Particularly towards other animals.

Because of the high prey drive, it’s important to be careful when exercising your mix outside. Use a leash if you aren’t in safely enclosed areas. This isn’t just for the safety of other animals, but also for your dog! If they take off after a small animal, they could risk running into roads, or towards other dogs that might not be as friendly.

Finding Labradoodle Beagle Mix Puppies

The Beagle and Labradoodle mix is not very common. So, it can be difficult to find a puppy. There’s a chance you will be able to find a reputable breeder who is selling these puppies from health checked parents, but in other instances, a litter could be accidental. The problem with rarity in these cases is that puppies won’t always be bred from healthy parents, so puppies could be prone to heritable health issues.

The benefit of low demand for this mix is that they’re less likely to be bred in puppy mills, where puppies and dogs receive a much lower level of care and are much more likely to have health and behavioral problems.

There’s a slim chance you will also stumble across this mix in rescue centers. But, not all rescue centers will know the heritage of their mixed breed dogs, and these puppies can have unpredictable appearances! So, you might need to wait for DNA testing to see if you’re truly choosing a Labradoodle Beagle mix. It’s a great idea to speak to your local rescue center staff about what you’re looking for to see if they can help.

Similar Breeds

Since the Labradoodle Beagle mix is so uncommon, you may want to also consider some other Labradoodle mixes, in case any of these are more prominent in your region. Here are some other small to medium Labradoodle mix dogs to think about:

Labradoodle Beagle Mixes

The Labradoodle Beagle mix can be a wonderful family companion in the right home. This energetic mix thrives in a loving, active environment, and is known to be good with children and other dogs.

Have you managed to find a reputable breeder with Labradoodle and Beagle mix puppies? Or are you still searching for one to welcome into your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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