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How Long Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone?

How long can Labradoodles be left alone? Generally no dog should be left on a regular basis for more than 4 hours maximum. But this time might be much shorter if you have a Labradoodle puppy, or a dog with separation anxiety. Puppies less than 6 months old shouldn’t be left more than two hours at most, and for some dogs even this is too long. Today we’ll share ways to keep your dog happy whilst you are out for a while, and what to do if you need to leave them for more than four hours at a time.


If you’re lucky enough to have a Labradoodle in your life, you know they’re a friendly and outgoing mixed breed. But their need for social interaction may have you wondering how long they can be left alone while you’re at work or running errands throughout the day.

How Long Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone?

Ideally, your Labradoodle shouldn’t be left alone for more than three to four hours. They may be able to be left alone for up to eight hours provided they have enough provisions and activities to keep them happy. However, like many dogs, some Labradoodles suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods.

Are Labradoodles Prone to Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is common in many dogs, and the Labradoodle is no exception. It will often manifest in destructive behavior, barking, howling, or whining. Studies have found that dogs living with a single adult are approximately 2.5 times more likely to have separation anxiety than dogs from multiple owner homes. Male dogs are more susceptible than females, and so are neutered dogs. Older dogs dealing with health issues can also have more trouble being left on their own.

Separation anxiety can depend on other factors, such as how long they’re isolated. If your pet was left alone as a pup, he’ll have an easier time than a dog left on their own suddenly for long periods.

How Do I Know if My Labradoodle is Suffering from Separation Anxiety?

Labradoodles are also prone to destructive actions when they’re bored, but there are ways to determine the underlying cause of their behavior. Notice his actions before you leave the house. It’s normal for your dog to want you at home, but if he follows you around excitedly panting, has an increased heart rate, hides, paces, or gets distressed as you put on your coat, your Labradoodle likely suffers from anxiety.

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How Long Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone As Puppies?

Puppies are more high maintenance than adult dogs. They’re more likely to get bored, and they need to relieve themselves more often. A Labradoodle puppy under six months shouldn’t be left alone longer than two hours.

How You Can Successfully Leave a Labradoodle Alone

Even if you don’t work outside the home, there will be times that you’ll have to leave your Labradoodle alone. Here are some tips to ensure your Labradoodle is safe and happy when he’s home alone.

Give them a safe space and room to move

An adult Labradoodle is a medium-sized dog that needs to be able to stretch his legs and move around throughout the day. You’ll want to make sure there are no hazards in his way, such as toxic chemicals, dangerous foods, electrical cords, and other harmful objects.

Keep them occupied

Labradoodles are the offspring of two very intelligent breeds and need to exercise their brain during the day.
There are lots of fun and engaging dog toys that can keep them busy for hours. Puzzles and toys that contain food are good options.

Leave on the TV or music

Leaving the TV on can keep your Labradoodle’s brain occupied and reduce his stress levels. YouTube even has video programming specifically designed to keep dogs calm and engaged when alone. Music can also be soothing for your dog, but it really depends on the vibe. Classical music, in particular, seems to have a calming effect on dogs.

Make sure your Labradoodle always has water

Keeping your pet hydrated is the most critical factor for his overall health and wellbeing. Although water doesn’t provide any nutrients, it plays an important role in ensuring his body functions properly. Your Labradoodle should always have access to water throughout the day. It’s easy enough to put down an extra bowl, especially during the hot summer months.

Come home for lunch

If you work close to home or have the option of taking a long lunch, coming home in the middle of the day allows your dog to go outside, have a pee break, get some exercise, and get some extra attention.

Have a someone come to your home

Asking a neighbor, friend, or family member who lives nearby to come to your home and let your dog outside during the day may be an option for some people.

Hire a dog walker

If you don’t know anyone nearby, you could hire a local dog walker to come to your home at a pre-arranged time to walk and spend time with your dog. Before making arrangements, have your Labradoodle and the person meet to ensure compatibility. You’ll also want to check references since you’ll be giving this person access to your home while you’re away.

Doggie Daycare

If your Labradoodle suffers from separation anxiety and no one is at home for long periods, enrolling your pet in doggie daycare might be the best solution, although a pricy one.

Labradoodles are very social dogs, and one of the biggest benefits here is that there will be plenty of other pups for him to play with throughout the day. Your dog will be physically and mentally active, and knowing that he’s cared for gives you peace of mind.

Take your Labradoodle to work

Although this isn’t an option for everyone, a lot more offices are pet-friendly than ever before. In fact, many businesses realize that having dogs in the workplace can have a positive effect on workers. It may require some schedule juggling and readjustment for both of you, but taking your Labradoodle to work could be the perfect solution.

How Long Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone?

Some Labradoodles will be fine on their own for up to eight hours, while others will struggle when they’re alone for even a few hours. It depends on the individual dog, and you need to be aware of your dog’s needs. There will be times when your dog is at home by himself. Always make sure he has ample provisions, room to roam, and toys to keep him busy.

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