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Labradoodle Poodle Mix Breed Traits and Care

A Labradoodle Poodle mix comes from Poodle and Labrador Retriever ancestors. These curly coated, confident dogs stand up to 24 inches tall and 70lbs in weight. Modern Labradoodles have come a long way from the breed’s humble beginnings in their homeland of Australia. Today, the Labradoodle is bred in several stages. The Labradoodle Poodle mix is one of those breeding stages. Today we’ll look at whether these smart, affectionate and loyal dogs make good pets, and how they compare to the usual Labradoodle dog.


Labradoodle Poodle Mix Origins

The Labradoodle Poodle mix is a Labradoodle in a certain stage of breed development. Clear as mud, right? Historically speaking, here is what you need to know.

The original Labradoodle breed was created by Wally Conron. He was a guide dog breeder who worked for Guide Dogs Victoria in Australia. Conron crossed a purebred Labrador Retriever with a purebred standard Poodle and voila! The Labradoodle dog breed was born. But the breed still had a long way to go to get to the near-household name it is today.

Today’s Labradoodles are bred using a time-honored system that develops certain uniform appearance and temperament characteristics slowly over time. This system uses designations to make it clear what generation a given Labradoodle puppy comes from.

Labradoodle Poodle Mix Generations

Here is a quick overview of the two breeding levels you need to know about:

F1 Generation

This is where the Labradoodle breed development begins. A purebred Labrador Retriever is crossed, or cross-bred, with a purebred standard Poodle.

F1b Generation

Whenever you see a “b” behind the generation name, this means “backcross.” A backcross generation Labradoodle puppy will have one purebred dog parent (usually a Poodle) and one F1 generation Labradoodle adult dog. A Labradoodle Poodle mix dog is a Labradoodle that is bred at the F1b generation level and has one Poodle parent and one F1 Labradoodle parent.

labradoodle poodle mix

What Does A Labradoodle Poodle Mix Look Like?

We now know that a Labradoodle Poodle is more likely to inherit more characteristics from the Poodle gene pool because this puppy will have one purebred Poodle parent dog and one F1 generation Labradoodle parent dog.
In terms of appearance, this means your Labradoodle Poodle puppy has a better than average chance of inheriting a single layer curly coat.

Potential Labradoodle Poodle mix colors include:

  • apricot
  • black
  • blue
  • brown
  • café au lait
  • cream
  • gray
  • red
  • silver
  • beige
  • white

Labradoodle Poodle Mix Size

The modern Labradoodle is bred in three sizes from miniature to standard. A miniature will weigh 15 to 25 pounds and stand 14 to 16 inches tall. A medium will weigh 30 to 45 pounds and stand 17 to 20 inches tall. And a standard will weigh 50 to 65 pounds and stand 21 to 24 inches tall.

But remember, our Labradoodle Poodle puppy is going to receive more genetic influence from the Poodle gene pool. So let’s look more closely at purebred Poodle sizes to identify a more accurate size range.

Purebred Poodles are bred in three sizes, which are toy, miniature and standard. Toy Poodles weigh four to six pounds and stand less than 10 inches tall. Miniature Poodles weigh 10 to 15 pounds and stand 10 to 15 inches tall. Standard Poodles weigh 40 to 70 pounds and stand over 15 inches. This means it is really important to learn the size of the Poodle parent before you commit to a Labradoodle Poodle mix puppy.

Grooming, Shedding and Allergies

Perhaps the number one reason Labradoodles have become so wildly popular is due to their so-called “hypoallergenic” coat. And unfortunately, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. This is because the protein allergen is sourced from a dog’s saliva, urine and skin rather than from their coat.

But when you choose a Labradoodle Poodle, you are much more likely to find your puppy grows up into a single layer curly coat that sheds only indirectly (into the surrounding fur rather than onto the floor). This may mean daily grooming to avoid tangles and mats. But the tradeoff is less contact with the irritating allergen, so possibly fewer allergy symptoms for you.

Are Labradoodle Poodle Mixes Friendly?

The Labrador Retriever is known to have a friendly, outgoing temperament to all. The Poodle, however, is more likely to be standoffish with strangers. We say this because – at least where strangers are concerned – your Labradoodle Poodle mix may be more likely to inherit the natural reserve and stronger guard dog temperament of the Poodle parent.

Labradoodle Poodle Training

Labradoodles have really smart parents. And the Poodle is the second smartest purebred dog and the Labrador Retriever is the seventh smartest, according to a survey of 199 dog breeds. This means you are not likely to have any trouble at all training your Labradoodle Poodle mix puppy.

Are Labradoodle Poodle Mixes Healthy?

Just as with people, dog genetics dictates breed health. Two healthy dog parents are very likely to produce healthy Labradoodle Poodle puppies. That being said, both Labrador Retrievers and Poodles are known to have certain heritable health issues. Be sure the breeder you select can show you records from all pre-breeding health screening tests, including dysplasia, eye health, cardiac and thyroid health screenings.

Labradoodle Poodle Mix Lifespan

Labradoodle Poodle mix dogs benefit from the longevity built into the Poodle gene pool. While most Labrador Retrievers only live 10 to 12 years, purebred Poodles can live up to 18 years. The size of the Poodle parent can give you a better idea of what type of longevity your puppy may enjoy. The general rule of thumb is, the smaller the dog, the longer they are likely to live. Checkout our article on Labradoodle lifespan for more information

Are Labradoodle Poodle Mixes Good Pets?

Both the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle are prized for their intelligence, trainability, athleticism and loyalty to “their” people. However, as you are now aware, Labradors and Poodles also have some different traits to contribute that can make one Labradoodle Poodle puppy a better fit for you than another. Ultimately, if your Labradoodle Poodle mix puppy comes from a quality dog breeder, you have a high probability of bringing home a wonderful new family pet!

More About Labradoodle Poodle Mixes


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