wavy labradoodle puppy

Wavy Labradoodle Puppy

A wavy Labradoodle puppy is also known as a fleece coat Labradoodle puppy. However, it’s important to remember that puppy coats can be very different to adult Labradoodle coats. So, after your Doodle has shed their puppy coat, their adult coat may look a little different.

A wavy coat Labradoodle puppy may be perfect for some families. But, there’s no guarantee that this coat type will be non-shedding, as it tends to fall somewhere between the two parent breed’s coats (Labradoodle and Poodle). So, if you’re looking for a low-shedding Labradoodle puppy, you may be better with a wool coat Doodle.

Labradoodle Coat Types

There are three generally accepted Labradoodle coat types. These are:

  • Hair type: straight, dense fur, often double layered. Most similar to the Labrador coat.
  • Fleece type: Wavy fur, usually single layered. Falls somewhere between traditional Lab and Poodle coats.
  • Wool type: Curly or corded single layer coat. Most similar to the Poodle coat.

In first generation Labradoodles (one purebred Lab parent and one purebred Poodle parent), the coat can be quite unpredictable. This is because puppies can inherit any blend of traits from their parents. So, some puppies can look just like their Poodle parent, whilst others can look just like their Lab parent, even within the same litter. Sometimes they will fall somewhere in between, with a fleece coat. But, if your heart is set on a specific appearance or trait, like the wool coat, it may be best to adopt an older puppy or dog.

Wavy Labradoodle Puppy

Now we know the three main types of fur that Labradoodle puppies can have, let’s take a closer look at that wavy fleece coat. The amount of wave or curl in a fleece Labradoodle’s coat can vary from one dog to the next, depending on what genetics they inherit. But, these waves or gentle curls will be very soft to the touch, and most often show as a single-layered coat. Many people compare this silky coat to the feel of angora wool.

Fleece Labradoodle coats can come in any color. It is also the most popular Labradoodle coat type, as it gives puppies a teddy bear appearance and texture.

wavy labradoodle puppy

Puppy Coat vs Adult Coat

We’ve already briefly mentioned that puppy coats can differ from adult Labradoodle coats, but let’s take a closer look at this. Labradoodle puppy coats are thin, soft, and fine – more so than any of the adult coat varieties. And it is always single-layer, no matter which adult coat they are going to have.

From around 6 months of age, your Labradoodle puppy will shed their puppy coat. This can take as long as a year and a half. When your Doodle’s fleece coat comes in, their coat will feel thicker and may look more wavy than before. Although, it’s important to remember that the exact appearance of a wavy Labradoodle coat will vary from one dog to the next.

Are Wavy Hair Labradoodle Puppies Hypoallergenic?

Part of the Labradoodle’s appeal is their low-shedding coat. Many puppies will be marketed as “hypoallergenic” and potential buyers are told that this teddy-bear mix will not trigger their allergies. However, it’s important to note that no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic. The proteins that trigger dog allergy symptoms are found in their saliva and urine, not their hair.

Generally, Labradoodles are low shedding dogs. But, a fleece coat Labradoodle may still trigger your allergies, especially when you have to get up close and personal to groom your dog’s fleece coat. The best way to see if a wavy Labradoodle puppy triggers your allergies is to spend some time with them before committing and bringing them home. And, create a rigorous cleaning routine, including daily vacuuming, grooming your Doodle outside, and regularly washing any soft bedding and toys.

Grooming a Wavy Labradoodle Puppy

Fleece coat Labradoodles have less intensive grooming needs than a wool coat Labradoodle, but more than a hair coat Labradoodle. Their waves can form tangles and knots, which will be painful for your dog if you do not groom them regularly. Grooming will also help to control shedding.

Many owners choose to take their wavy Labradoodle puppy to a professional groomer to help with this. Often, they will clip their Labradoodle’s coat short. But, even if you take your Doodle to a groomer, you will need to brush their coat in the interim. Wavy Labradoodle coats can vary from one dog to the next, which means the best grooming tools will also vary. A professional groomer will often be happy to tell you the best tools for your Doodle’s coat so you can keep things tidy and pain-free between sessions.

Wavy Labradoodle Puppy Coat – A Summary

The fleece coat Labradoodle is a popular variety of this mix. It is usually low to moderate in shedding, and its grooming needs fall somewhere between hair and wool coat Labradoodles. Are you thinking of bringing a wavy Labradoodle home? Or are you already lucky enough to have one in your family? We would love to hear your grooming and coat care tips in the comments!

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