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caramel labradoodle

Caramel Labradoodle Traits, Personality and Care

A caramel Labradoodle has a wavy or curly coat the golden brown color of caramel candy! They vary from pale cream to red in shade, and usually have brown noses. Caramel Labradoodles are sometimes referred to as ice, cream or red Labradoodles. Some caramel Labradoodle puppies’ coats will change color, graying over time, but others …

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female labradoodle

Female Labradoodle

Female Labradoodles may be smaller than their male siblings, but they’re likely to have the same loveable personality. Owners of females Labradoodles should familiarise themselves with health issues specifically affecting female dogs. But ultimately, preference for dogs of either sex comes down to personal opinion, so doing a little research goes a long way! Female …

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