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Can Labradoodles Live In Apartments?

Can Labradoodles live in apartments or are they only suited to larger homes with big backyards? Although a Standard Labradoodle is a large dog weighing up to 80 lbs and standing around 23 inches high, they do come in smaller Miniature and Toy varieties. However, even the biggest dog can live happily in apartments if they are properly trained and have lots of opportunities for exercise throughout the day. Potty training is the biggest hurdle for some owners, but even this can be overcome. Today we’ll check out how to turn your affectionate, loyal but lively Labradoodle into the perfect apartment pet.


Are Labradoodles good apartment dogs? What makes a good apartment dog anyway? It’s tricky to say if a particular breed or breed mix makes a good dog for apartment living because many variables come into play when asking that question, as you’ll soon see.

What Makes a Good Apartment Dog?

In most cases, the answer depends on the characteristics of the individual dog and of the individual apartment. There are more factors that go into apartment and city living than a dog’s size. A dog’s energy level, propensity for barking, and training are also considerations. You might have an apartment-sized Pomeranian, but does it bark when you’re away or if it hears noises outside? On the other hand, maybe you have a senior Great Dane with mobility issues that spends a good part of the day resting and is content with a daily walk.

And what about your apartment? Do you live in a 600 square foot urban studio apartment or a 2,000 square foot garden apartment with multiple bedrooms and easy access to an outdoor space?

Finally, don’t forget about the importance of good training! A well-trained dog always makes a better apartment dog than one with undesirable behaviors that will annoy the neighbors. These are all factors that go into deciding on what type of dog to get if you live in an apartment. What about the Labradoodle?

Are Labradoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

When you think of Doodles, the image of a big rambunctious dog may come to mind. It’s easy to picture them living in a suburban house, playing with the family in a large yard. But the Labradoodle’s popularity makes it a desirable dog for apartment and city dwellers too. Just look at all the Doodles out walking in your local metropolitan area. Many of them live in apartments.

Let’s look at the characteristics of the Labradoodle and how they intersect with apartment life. We’ll cover size, energy level, training, and how vocal they are. But as we’ve said, keep in mind that all dogs are individuals, including Labradoodles!

Can Labradoodles Live In Apartments As Large Dogs?

Labradoodles are a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. While Labrador Retrievers are generally solidly built dogs that weigh between 55-80 pounds and stand between 21-24 inches tall at the shoulder, there is a much greater variation in Poodle size.

There are 3 distinct Poodle sizes: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Poodle height ranges from under 10 inches to over 15 inches and weight can range from under 15 pounds to over 70 pounds. Any one of these 3 Poodle types can go into a Labradoodle’s ancestry. This is the reason why Labradoodles are usually categorized as either miniature, medium, or standard.

Labradoodle Sizes

Miniature Labradoodles weigh between 15-25 pounds and stand 14-16 inches tall at the shoulder. Medium Labradoodles weigh between 30-45 pounds and stand between 17-20 inches tall. Standard Labradoodles are between 50-65 pounds and 21-24 inches tall.

Labradoodle breeders can specialize in a particular size of Labradoodle, so if you are concerned about the overall size of your apartment, a mini-Doodle can be a better option than a standard if space is an issue.

One last point to keep in mind is that you should avoid any Labradoodle puppy labeled as “teacup.” An unusually small Labradoodle may be cute but breeding for extremely small size can lead to serious health problems.

labradoodle living in apartment

Can Labradoodles Live In Apartments Despite Having High Energy?

Now that we’ve looked at variations in Labradoodle size, let’s look at another factor that can impact your decision to get a Labradoodle as an apartment dog: energy level. The Labradoodle is famous for its cheerful and social temperament. Left to their own devices, they can be very energetic, but a well-trained Labradoodle can be suitable for apartment living. Many highly trained Labradoodles work as service and therapy dogs, so training does make a difference.

What about exercise? Labradoodle experts recommend that the breed gets around an hour of physical activity each day. For an apartment dog, this can take the form of long walks, play sessions at the park, or accompanying you on runs, bike rides, and hikes.

Besides physical exercise, the intelligent Labradoodle will appreciate plenty of mental stimulation too. This can include indoor games of tug or fetch, interactive food puzzles, and learning new tricks and commands.

Can Labradoodles Live In Apartments If They Are Noisy?

Since noisy barkers don’t always make the best neighbors in apartment buildings, you may be wondering if Labradoodles bark a lot. Labradoodles are usually described as moderate barkers, but of course every dog is different. Puppies and younger Labradoodles may bark more than older dogs.

Training can make a difference in your dog’s barking behavior. You can train your dog to bark less using positive reinforcement training techniques, for example using treat rewards when your dog is quiet when someone comes to visit.

Training Labradoodles for Apartment Living

Besides barking, there are other ways to train your Labradoodle to be a model apartment dweller. One of the most important is leash training. Many apartment buildings will require dogs to be leashed in common areas, both indoors and outdoors. If you live in an urban area, you will also want your dog to walk well on a leash on crowded sidewalks.

Start socializing and harness training your Labradoodle puppy early on and continue to reinforce good public behavior as your dog grows. Labradoodles are known for being smart, eager to please, and very trainable, so training your dog for apartment and city living can be easier with this breed than with those that have a strong independent streak.

Can Labradoodles Live in Apartments Successfully?

In most cases, yes, Labradoodles can make very good apartment and city dogs. You don’t have to have a big house or acres of property to own a Labradoodle. You can choose a miniature or medium Labradoodle if you are concerned about size. Be sure to provide your Labradoodle with plenty of opportunities for play and exercise.

Training can help to make your Labradoodle a good neighbor by controlling barking and ensuring that your dog walks well on leash. Remember to always use positive reinforcement techniques. The best apartment dogs don’t always have to be pint-sized. You can share your apartment with a Labradoodle too!

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