how to exercise your labradoodle

How To Exercise Your Labradoodle

Learning how to exercise your Labradoodle is important to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Labradoodles are high energy dogs with working roots. They need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day with lots of free play time and mental stimulation in between.

Games like fetch are a perfect choice.

But, be careful about over-exercising your Labradoodle puppy whilst they are young, as this can damage their joints.

How to Exercise Your Labradoodle

All dogs need exercise, and your Labradoodle is no exception. But, not all dogs need the same amount of exercise, and it’s important to know your Labradoodles limits.

Some dog breeds will be happy with a few active games each day. But others, like the Labradoodle, need scheduled time to run about at high speeds and really burn off some energy.

Learning how to exercise a Labradoodle is just as important as learning how much exercise they need.

If you’re new to Labradoodle parenthood, being able to vary the type of exercise your dog needs will keep the process fun for both of you, rather than making it a chore!

how to exercise your labradoodle

Why is Exercise So Important for a Labradoodle?

The Labradoodle is a cross between two highly intelligent and athletic working dog breeds.

Both the Labrador Retriever and standard Poodle were first bred to retrieve game and ducks from water. This is an exhausting role that required stamina, endurance, and strength.

So, a high level of energy was key when breeding new puppies for both breeds.

It goes without saying that the hybrid Labradoodle is going to be just as energetic.

Mental Health Impact

The Labradoodle breed is also intelligent. Very clever dogs, like this, can be more prone to anxiety, stress, and destructive behaviors.

If their exercise needs are not met, the risk of this can increase.

Along with mental health, keeping your Labradoodle properly exercised can help reduce the risk of potential physical health issues down the road. It can even prolong your dog’s lifespan.

So, as you can see, providing enough exercise is really important to all aspects of your Labradoodle’s wellbeing.

How Much Exercise Do Labradoodles Need?

Generally Labradoodles are a very high energy breed.

On average, experts agree that a healthy adult Labradoodle should get at least 60 minutes of formal exercise every day, with plenty of free play time and mental stimulation in between.

This hour of exercise could include a nice long walk or a brisk hike. Or you may prefer a long game of fetch at the dog park, with lots of backyard lounge and sniff time in between.

But, bear in mind that like people, individual Labradoodles can have slightly different exercise needs.

Some will be more well-mannered and may need less physical exertion to stay happy. But, other Labradoodles are constantly on the go.

How much formal exercise your Labradoodle will need can also depend on his age, and on the type of lifestyle you live. Let’s take a closer look.

Exercise Needs at Different Life Stages

There are three life stages to consider when learning about Labradoodle exercise needs:

  • Puppyhood: 0 – 1 year
  • Adulthood: 1 – 7 years
  • Seniorhood: 7+ years

Your Labradoodle’s exercise needs will vary depending on which life stage they’re in.

Labradoodle Puppy Exercise Needs

Puppies need a lot of sleep during their development. But, they also need routine exercise and play in order to grow and thrive.

As a general rule of thumb, puppies should have around 5 minutes of formal exercise per month of their age. So, a 12 week puppy would need 15 minutes, and a 16 week puppy would need 20 minutes.

In between this routine exercise, they will need lots of naps, rest, and play breaks.

This might not seem like a lot of exercise for a puppy, but remember puppies are naturally curious and energetic. When they’re awake, they are almost constantly on the move and playing.

Your puppy is not only exercising with you when he is outside or on a walk. He’s also exercising when he’s playing, following you around the house, training with you, romping in the yard, and more.

The time limit above only counts for formal exercise, like a walk or an energetic game of fetch or chase.

labradoodle exercise

Adult Labradoodle Exercise Needs

As we mentioned above, an adult Labradoodle will need around 60 minutes of exercise a day.

But, depending on your lifestyle and your Labradoodle’s temperament, he could need more or less.

Observe your Doodle’s behavior to judge whether they’re getting the right amount of exercise.

If they’re barking lots, chewing things, or even digging in your house, they may need a little more exercise.

Senior Labradoodle Exercise Needs

Senior Labradoodle dogs will still need around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. But their exercise needs and the intensity level of their exercise routines will vary.

Remember, senior dogs are more prone to bone and joint injury during vigorous workouts. So, pay attention to your Labradoodle as he ages, and go at his pace.

That said, it’s important not to neglect exercise routines for a senior dog.

It is more important than ever before to keep up with gentle routine exercise as your dog ages in order to maintain his overall health, vitality, and happiness.

The Importance of Leash Training

When learning how to exercise your Labradoodle, you’ll quickly learn how important leash training is from the start.

Walking a Labradoodle is a common way to give them exercise. But, without proper leash training, walking your dog can be frustrating and even dangerous.

Invest in a comfortable harness and leash before starting your training.

Puppies may struggle with wearing a harness and leash at first. So, give them time to get used to them, and make the whole experience a positive one.

Work in gradual steps to keep your puppy feeling comfortable.

You can practice walking with your puppy on a leash at home before taking them out for formal walks.

Getting Started With Leash Training

To avoid distractions, it may be best to start working with your Labradoodle in a single room of the house, with no toys, other animals, or other people around.

Build a strong bond using treats to teach your Labradoodle when to focus on you and how to walk with manners at your side.

Increase the difficulty in small steps. You can gradually add in distractions, or make your puppy walk an extra step at your side before earning their treat.

You might even choose to enroll in an online training course.

Whatever you do, learning proper leash training will help significantly when it is time to take your walking into the real world.

How to Exercise Your Labradoodle Without Going for a Walk

Walks aren’t everyone’s preferred form of exercise – even Labradoodles! Here are some other ideas that your dog will likely love:

  • Going for a swim
  • Hiking
  • Hide and seek games
  • Retrieving games
  • Dog agility sports
  • Dock jumping/dock diving

Indoor Exercise

Learning how to exercise your Labradoodle indoors is also important if you have a puppy that is too young to go outside, or if the weather is not great.

Consider some fun, energetic games you can place in the house. Most of them will depend on the amount of space available to you.

Consider creating a safe indoor game of fetch or tug of war. You could also play a variation of tag with your Labradoodle.

Let him chase you with his favorite toy and vice versa.

Labradoodles will love learning new tricks and cues. So, training is another great option that will exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

You can train your Labradoodle several times a day. Keep sessions short and engaging to hold your Doodle’s interest.

labradoodle exercise

Training as a Form of Exercise

Labradoodle dogs are high energy and intelligent. So, it’s a great idea to implement training and mental stimulation into their daily exercise routines.

Think of new tricks to teach your Labradoodle, or cues they can follow during exercise.

This will help to keep them physically and mentally sound, but it will also help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, leading to a happier and healthier relationship.

Here are some ideas of tricks and skills you can train into your Doodle:

  • Sit and stay
  • Spin around
  • Play dead
  • Walk at a heel
  • Recall
  • To retrieve specific toys
  • High five
  • Shake your paw
  • Weave between your legs
  • Bark on command

Can you think of any other fun things to train your dog?

Over Exercising a Labradoodle

One last thing to note is the risk of over exercising a Labradoodle. Most Labradoodles are highly active dogs. But, there are times in your Doodle’s life when too much exercise is a bad thing.

Remember that puppies need surprisingly little in the way of formal exercise, because they will burn a lot of exercise during their daily play and training.

Seniors will still need a good amount of exercise. But, that exercise should be gentle, and you should work with your dog to learn his limits.

Also, consider your dog’s health when exercising him. If he has known joint problems, you may need to alter the type and amount of exercise he has.

Labradoodles with arthritis may prefer some time to have a safe, gentle swim rather than a long, difficult hike.

And, the Labrador parent breed is known to suffer from a health condition called Exercise Induced Collapse. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Exercise Induced Collapse

This is a health problem characterized by collapse usually following on from a period of intense excitement or extreme exercise.

In one owner-directed survey, applicants believed that high excitement levels and hot weather temperatures increased the likelihood of collapse.

Collapse was most common when dogs were retrieving, according to this survey.

Affected dogs will need to rest after collapsing. Owners should avoid over-exciting their dog if they know this problem affects them.

They may choose to engage in more gentle forms of exercise.

Labradors that are known to have this problem should not be bred to create a Labradoodle.

Tips on Exercising Your Labradoodle

When you’re exercising your Labradoodle, make sure you let him be a dog. Allow him to sniff and explore the world around him.

Remember that your dog’s world is governed by his nose. Allowing him to sniff freely now and then can make outdoor time and exercise more satisfying.

Plus, it can help to keep him engaged and mentally stimulated.

Just be alert when letting your Doodle sniff around. Don’t let them eat anything they shouldn’t, including certain toxic plants, faeces, and even dead animals.

How to Exercise Your Labradoodle – A Summary

Labradoodles are a high energy breed. But, the exact amount of exercise they need will vary from one individual dog to the next.

What’s your Labradoodle’s favorite type of exercise?

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