Labradoodle Types

f2b labradoodle

F2b Labradoodle

An f2b Labradoodle is a second generation Labradoodle that has been backcrossed to a Poodle. Breeders of this type of Labradoodle often hope to achieve a more Poodle-like coat than some f1 or f2 Labradoodles might have. This way, potential owners that suffer from dog allergies will be better off. Generally, an f2b Labradoodle will …

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american labradoodle

Australian Vs American Labradoodle

The American Labradoodle is slightly different to its cousin, the Australian Labradoodle. In Australian Vs American Labradoodle we focus on the similarities and differences between these two curly pooches. An American Labradoodle is most often a mix between a purebred Standard Poodle and a purebred Labrador Retriever, with no other breed influences. Whereas Australian Labradoodles …

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f3 labradoodle

f3 Labradoodle

An f3 Labradoodle is also often called a multigenerational Labradoodle. Usually, an f3 Labradoodle will be bred from two second generation Labradoodles. But check with your breeder, as some multigenerational Doodles may differ in parentage. If your f3 Labradoodle has two f2 Doodle parents, their traits can still be unpredictable. So, if you’re looking for …

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f2 labradoodle

F2 Labradoodle – What Does It Mean?

What is an f2 Labradoodle? F2 is shorthand for ‘second filial generation’. It means that a Labradoodle is two generations removed from their closest purebred ancestors. In other words, their parents were first generation Labradoodles, and their grandparents were Labradors and Poodles. The ancestry of a Labradoodle puppy can provide important information about their temperament, …

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f1 labradoodle

F1 Labradoodle – Understanding Breed Generations

If you’re searching for a Labradoodle, you may have noticed litters described as F1, and wondered what it means. The letter and number F1 signify that a puppy is a first generation Labradoodle. In other words, they’re the offspring of a purebred Labrador Retriever and a purebred Poodle. What is an F1 Labradoodle? Genetically an …

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